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What is a Bidet Seat?

A Bidet Seat keeps yourself extra clean

3th generation stainless covered nozzle, advanced nozzle cleaning feature, warm water wash guaranteed from starts to finish, and occupied seat sensor release feature.

What else more are you looking for? With all features you have been dreaming are here with DIB-80 series. Great price to feature ratio. You are ready to be wowed and inspired.

Advanced Hybrid Heating

High capacity of water tank and advanced hybrid heating provide warm wash regardless season.


Soft but powerful water stream for added cleaning benefit; Aerated water wash aids cleansing; Pulse wash repeatedly cycles from weak to strong; Nozzle moves back and forth for the massage effect.

Water pressure is adjustable (5 levels).

Half Stainless Covered Nozzle

The nozzle body is fully covered by stainless steel and replaceable tip secure better hygienic environment.

Nozzle position is adjustable (5 levels).

Advanced Nozzle Cleaning

When selecting Nozzle Cleaning while not seated, the nozzle cleans itself 3 times - Rinsing off whole nozzle body before and after every use.

Child & Elder Feature

Consecutive wash / oscillation / pulsating /dry operation with suitable settings for children and disabled users. Occupied seat sensor can be deactivated for child and elder seat users.

2 Modes of Energy Saving

Powerful/Normal. Energy saving computer function learns through weekly use patterns to save energy.

Heated Seat, Water, and Dryer Temperature Control

Seat temperature, water temperature, and dryer temperature can be adjusted according to the user's preference. Warm seat, warm water, and warm air dry are all available.

Soft Closing

The bidet toilet seat includes manual slow closing seat and lid, with extremely silent closing. Seat and cover are closing softly with durable dampers.

Easy Installation

The bidet toilet seat has comes with either elongated toilet size or round toilet size. The installation instruction is shown as below and in the package - it is easy to install or detach for cleaning or moving.

Deodorization & Water Filter

Take you toilet hygiene to another level! Use a water filter and extend the life of your toilet bidet seat. Easy to install, our water filter ensures the water you're using to wash yourself is crystal clean.

When sitting on the seat, deodorizing function starts automatically. After leaving the seat, the deodorizing function operates for 1 additional minute.

More Than Just Savings

On average, 7.4 billion rolls of toilet paper are used in the USA per year, which means 9.1 million trees are cut down to manufacture U.S. toilet paper every year. Trying out a bidet seat in your home is certainly worth the positive effect on the environment – and its use will pay for itself in the money you save on toilet paper.

Electric Bidet Gallery

Installation Guide for Your New Bidet Seat

Bought this bidet when I was at the build expo exhibition. Was amazed by all the functions they described. Installed it at home to give it a try, and I love it!



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$ 255.00
Bundle Packaging Available
Advanced Hybrid Cleaning
Child & Elder Feature
Half Stainless Covered Nozzle
Advanced Nozzle Cleaning
Soft but Intensive Wash