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A lot of us are busy with jobs, managing the house and other activities we are involved with. It is really easy to lose sight of your family in the midst of your busy days. Panaq Global focuses on providing home goods that benefit families on a daily basis, and they are enjoyable and comfortable for everyone from children to seniors.

Panaq Global's products allow for previously unimaginable levels of cleanliness, relaxation, and contentment. Our goal is to promote wellness as a way of life by offering products and resources to help you improve and sustain your health and overall well-being.

Panaq Global has been working directly with professional suppliers in Taiwan to source high-quality and unique products. Our business is built on long-term relationships with the suppliers as well as certified manufacturers. By doing regular on-site inspections and maintaining certifications, we show our dedication on supplying products of the highest quality with their own uniqueness.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction, which we obtain through promoting unique quality home goods and customer service. Nevertheless, we offer quality for competitive prices, reached through efficient management and up-to-date technology in our products. We want every household to have the chance to enjoy our products!

Because of the many ways environmental health impacts personal health, our efforts toward sustainability and wellness dive deeply into a cleaner, greener environment. Panaq Global has employed various ways to improve the environment, such as saving energy and water wherever possible, using recycled products for manufacturing, reducing toilet paper use in order to save trees. All of these features are sustainable.

Reliable Supplier

Being a growing company in U.S., Panaq Global will never take it lightly on choosing our supplier. Our supplier is a well-known manufacturer in Taiwan since 1977; its primary focus is on manufacturing sanitary wares. With 40 years of experience, our supplier has enjoyed excellent reputation by delivering high-quality product and customer services domestically and internationally.

Advanced Technlogy

Just as technology has revolutionized every aspect of contemporary life, Panaq Global’s innovations are changing the way people think about "living". Panaq Global embraces technology in the pursuit of a better lifestyle, the same way it is embraced in the workplace for efficiency, or in social environments for communication and leisure.

International Perspective

WIth the advancement of technology and impact of globalization, international trade today has taken on a new dimension. Panaq Global believes that it is necessary for all countries to engage in international trade; sharing products internationally is highly encouraged and creates wonderful relationships and opportunities!

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Based in San Diego county, California, Panaq Global Inc. is the industry leader in health and wellness goods.

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