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What are Microbubbles?

Microbubbles are small

The usage of microbubbles has expanded from medical and science industries to our daily lives. Microbubble faucet heads generate microbubbles, which has powerful effects on pesticide degradation, bacterial removal, pore penetration and even water conservation.


The lab test shows that microbubbles can kill more than 99% of bacteria on dishes. In addition to that, they also remove oil without using dish soap.


When turning on the tap, it saves almost 50% of water if it is coming out of the microbubble faucet head


Degradation of pesticides and harmful chemicals experiments prove that microbubble generators can reduce more than 49% of pesticides on fruits and vegetables.


Microbubbles can not only be used on cleaning dishes, food, and skin, they can also be used with pets wash which helps treat the skin and flea allergies.


Microbubble generators can be easily installed on kitchen or bathroom faucets. The package includes both male and female aerators. 


Microbubbles are extremely small, which allows them to penetrate until they reach the skin pore, keeping the skin moisturized.

Proven Results

Microbubbles absorb micro dirt.  This means a clear improvement in water quality and conservation up to 50%!

The Perfect Gift

As a gift, microbubble is compact and impactful! Share cleaner and safer water with your friends and family.

Microbubble Generator Gallery

Installation Guide for Your Microbubble Faucet Aerator

I really love my new microbubble faucet adapter. It was very easy to install and it's great for washing my dog!

- Kevin Smith

This is one of the best things I've purchased this year. I use my kitchen sink so much more now that I've bought the microbubble. My only regret is that I didn't buy 2!

- Aria Lewis

Very great product, especially if you have pets!

- Erin Melvin

Decent product for the price. Non adjustable. Easy installation – fits my kitchen faucet perfectly. I’m using it for both cleaning food and washing face.

- Henry

I bought this Panaq Global ET-M868-USA Micro-Bubble Faucet Sprayer mainly for saving water. In NM, the water utility is kind of expensive. Anything that saves water is very helpful. Based on my understanding, this faucet head can create a large amount of tiny bubbles, or micro bubbles that give many benefits. So far, it is very good.

- Gary Shey

I have used water filters many years in order to have better drinking water for my family. Now, it is another step to have this micro-bubble sprayer, and I think it is necessary since it can reduce bacteria in food and dishes. To improve my family's health is the main purpose for me to have this sprayer. even though I can not see any impacts right away, I don't think I will lose any since the sprayer can help saving water also.

- J.C.

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$ 48.00
Bundle Packaging Available
Deep Cleaning
Degrades Pesticides
Removes Oil/Bacteria
Safe for Pets
Easy Install