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What is a Bidet Seat?

A Bidet Seat keeps yourself extra clean

A bidet seat is an advanced toilet seat that offers men, women, and children a fresh and hygienic cleansing using two retractable nozzles for posterior and feminine areas.

Dual Washing System

The bidet toilet seat is equipped with dual nozzles, one for the posterior wash and one for the feminine wash. Simply change the functions by pushing the handle forward and backward.

Wide Cleaning

Besides the functions of posterior and feminine wash, each nozzle has a porous design that allows a wider cleaning. Water pressure can also be adjusted in three settings: high, medium and low.

Soft Closing

The bidet toilet seat includes manual slow closing seat and lid, with extremely silent closing. Before the production, the model has passed the soft-close international standard test for safety.

Money Saving

Due to our affordable price of the non-electric bidet seat, over time it will save you hundreds of dollars in toilet paper and electricity while only minimally increasing your water use. Besides, because each roll of toilet paper uses approximately 6 gallons of water to manufacture, using a bidet will actually lessen the amount of total water usage and you will see a 75% reduction in toilet paper use.

Healthier Life

Using toilet paper excessively can lead to skin irritations because of it dirty and abrasive nature. Washing with water through the use of a bidet seat instead of constantly wiping and irritating the genital region allows you to get an overall clean feeling faster and more effectively than toilet paper alone.

Easy Installation

The bidet toilet seat has the function of adjustable mounting length, which fits both elongated and round toilets. It also includes a dismantlement button for cleaning. The installation instruction is shown as below and in the package

Sleek and Clean

Our non-electric bidet seat has slim, glassy surface with the color of flawless white. The bidet seat is made of high-quality material such as stainless steel screws, antibiotic nozzles, and polypropylene (PP) plastic that has low water absorption, heat, acid, and alkali resistance.

More Than Just Savings

On average, 7.4 billion rolls of toilet paper are used in the USA per year, which means 9.1 million trees are cut down to manufacture U.S. toilet paper every year. Trying out a bidet seat in your home is certainly worth the positive effect on the environment – and its use will pay for itself in the money you save on toilet paper.

Non-Electric Bidet Gallery

Installation Guide for Your New Bidet Seat

Great item, just as described, fairly easy for my husband to install. Love it so much I'm ordering another one for my other bath

- Erica A.

For people looking for a more hygienic alternative to your bathroom "activities", this is a great solution. The installation was a breeze and using the bidet is easy, hygienic and mess free. Strongly recommended from my side.

- Albert Clarke

基本款簡單好用 親自到家裡組裝教學

- 璇子

It accomplishes what I wanted- a bide that can be easily cleaned, when cleaning the toilet. My previous bidet attached separately to my toilet seat and had to be completely removed to clean. The Panaq Global Bidet seat is easy to install and works great! I honestly believe the price is worth it.

- Hanniel

Does the job very well 🙂 Very easy to install and adjustable so will fit under most toilet seats. Parts are of very good quality. I bought one just to try it out and now I am going to install them in all bathrooms. Great price. Highly recommended.

- Jeff Ricardo

This is such a cool feature. I’ve always wanted a bidet but never wanted to go to the trouble or pay the expensive price to have a bidet toilet in my house. This totally makes you feel like you have one, but it’s much more cost-efficient and a quick install you can do with your regular toilet! I also love that it has a slow-closing quiet lid too! The quality is great. It seems well-made and seems like it’s built to last too! It comes with everything you need to set up too and is a quick easy install as well. I like that you can adjust the water pressure too for the perfect, comfortable, personalized wash. It fits my toilet perfectly as well and works great! I love how fresh and clean I feel after use! It is fun and makes me feel cleaner too!

- MyStyleSpot

😎Excellent product great quality will buy again u should too👍🇬🇺🇵🇭

- Maria

I got this installed and it’s a tremendous product. Price is good for what you get. I don’t need heated water. So, no electricity is needed with this.This bidet has a very comfortable seat and an effective, cleansing spray. It has met my expectations–though I would have preferred it to be a little sturdier. However at this price it is what I expected, and it still functions very well. The bidet installation was very simple and the elongated seat fits perfectly. All the required fittings were included in the Bidet seat and the selected wash worked immediately as expected. I will probably get one for my other bathroom.

- E$M

Installed it yesterday and it works great. The water pressure is optimum and it makes pooping more convenient. Also, clear instruction was provided which makes the installation process way easier.

- Rob

The reason why I bought this Non-electric bidet toilet seat is there is no electric outlet nearby in my bathroom. It turns out a right decision. The installation is super easy and the cleaning nozzles works out well. There is no heating element in this unit, but I didn’t feel water is cold either. An important tip for other buyer: If your seat cover can not stay at the vertical position, try to shift forward as much as you can to install it. If the problem still exists, then put a little adhesive tape behind the cover that will help it attached to water tank. Hope this will help to keep it as vertical position.

- Gary

I love it! It’s very simple to install. Works great and fit very well on my toylet. The water you can measure pressure and setting how you wanna use it. I definally recomend it well worth it.

- Valerie Alencar

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$ 74.00
Bundle Packaging Available
Compact Design
Wide Cleaning
Slow Closing
Retractable Dual Nozzle
Easy Install